What I Make

  1. Managing Director
    Hand Knit Sterling Chains
    Hand made, one loop at a time, this Viking Knit, is always a showy, strong and very unique. The form of knitting, also called a Trichinopoly chain, after a city of the same name in India. This used to be a common jewelry making technique, with archaeological evidence dating back to the bronze and iron ages, through the dark ages and beyond. It was also used to edge clothing and decorate ceremonial objects. Today, this modern version, is hand made for you.
  2. Managing Director
    Rainbow Flourite and Freshwater Pearls
    Chunky, polished rainbow flourite, in a range of colors from purple to pink to pale green, interspersed with potato shaped freshwater pearls, to make a charming and unique necklace.
  3. Managing Director
    Brass, Glass and Semi Precious
    Solid brass chain, coated to prevent tarnishing, liberally decorated with glass leaves and a mixture of semi-precious beads sprinkled throughout this beautiful play on fall.
  4. Managing Director
    Rose Quartz, stabilized Turquoise and Sterling Beads
    Rose Quartz, thought to facilitate love, happiness, warmth, and emotional health, balanced with Turquoise, to promote inner relaxation and calm, with a touch of silver, this lovely necklace is a striking as it is unique,
  5. Managing Director
    Hand Made Wide Band Ring with Malachite and Lapis
    Make a statement with this wide, hammered ring, accented by Malachite and Lapis.
  6. Managing Director
    Sterling and Amethyst Calla Lily Pendant
    Hand formed silver Calla Lily flower pendant, with a single, beautiful Amethyst centered on the stamen,
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